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The moment I decided to be an artist (well, I say decision but one could argue that artists never really have a choice...) I painted 30 paintings in 30 days! I documented the whole process on Facebook and sold every one of them! It might surprise you to learn that just two years prior, I had failed miserably at a fancy art school and dropped out, devastated, with the notion that I simply didn't have permission to be an artist

I should have known that the child who happily negotiated & fulfilled her first commission at 3 years old would inevitably grow up to be an artist!

For me, to make art is to honour the Great Mystery.I believe in Art as a sacred pursuit and feel like I'm here to help you approach it in the same way! I also feel like I'm an interior decorator. Like, for the Interior Temples of our Hearts and Minds. We can create a sanctuary by hanging art that invokes the bounty & beauty of life. We can immerse ourselves in Love and Light. That is the aim of my work: to create pieces that speak straight to the heart.

I believe when we view a piece of art, be it dance, a painting, theatre, opera, music, we should be transported beyond our current comprehension of reality. We should find ourselves in those transpersonal spaces that Jung writes so eloquently of. We should be moved to tears and piqued by something that feels distant, forgotten yet intimate.

I love exploring the meaning and mystery of ancient, sacred symbols. I feel like they are alive with teachings and wisdom that we, as observers, are able to glean and absorb. When I sit down to paint, I will meditate to ask God what it is that I need to learn. I rarely have a pre-formed image or idea of what I will create. I find that by taking action and trusting the process, the perfect picture always comes through. And I learn a great deal in the undertaking. 

I am so thrilled that you've stopped by today to invest in yourself and your sacred space. I look forward to being part of your journey. 

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